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Product Description
The hug a bub (hugabub) carrier is one of Australia's favourite carriers. The Hugabub is an Australian-made, wrap-around, soft-cotton sling, which enables you to be hands-free, while giving your
baby the sensation of being hugged.   

The hug a bub is not a fixed structure, nor does it have any complicated clips or buckles. Instead, it is made from metres of stretch cotton and employs a very simple 'tie-on' method. The stretchy nature of our fabric, combined with the easy tying technique, beautifully accommodates your baby's size and your body shape, resulting in a flexible, secure and extremely comfortable carrier.
All Hugabub carriers on Out and About Baby are the Huggable Size (fits 98% of all customers (Size 8 – 18 Australian Women sizing) )

Head Support: The wide shoulder wraps double up to provide the most secure support for babies' head and neck. It is ideal for newborns and premature or sleeping babies.

Back Support: The hug a bub's ergonomic design wraps around your torso, from shoulders to hips, reducing unnecessary strain on your shoulders, neck and back. It is recommended by physiotherapists for individuals with some chronic back problems.

Hands-Free: Due to its unique wrap style, the hug a bub' baby carrier offers a firm and secure hold that allows you to have your hands completely free.

Security: When worn correctly the hug a bub is one of the most secure baby carriers on the market. There are no clips, buckles or seams to break or come undone.

Breast Feeding: There are two positions that may be suitable for breastfeeding your baby discretely and comfortably: either horizontally or vertically, depending on the baby’s size and the size of the mother's breasts.

Weight Limit: The hug a bub is suitable for babies from prematurity up to toddlerhood. As long as you still pick them up...they will feel lighter in a hug a bub!

Safety: The hug a bub is recognized for its safety by physiotherapists, childcare professionals, midwives, occupational therapists and is used in special care nurseries in hospitals.

Instructional DVD: Every hug a bub comes with an instructional DVD which provides detailed step-by-step demonstrations on how to simply tie the hug a bub in four different positions. It also includes interesting information on the benefits of baby-wearing, handy hints on getting the most out of your hug a bub, and advice on how to achieve maximum support and comfort while using your hug a bub.

This hug a bub is made from soft cotton, it carries babies from the tiniest premature to the robust toddler comfortably and safely. This wide wrap around, soft-cotton carrier provides a unique and secure support for your baby's head and neck, and your back. 4 different carrying positions. When not in use, the pocket in the hug a bub becomes a storage bag for the sling fabric when turned inside out. An instructional DVD is included to help you get the most out of your hug a bub and the benefits of babywearing. Australian made.

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